NetID & Password Security


Your Florida Polytechnic NetID is a unique identifier used to access information services and systems throughout the university.
Many frequently-used systems at Florida Polytechnic (e.g., Active Directory, E-Mail, Canvas, Office 365) require a University NetID and password.
Anyone who knows your NetID password can access (and sometimes change) personal information about you and possibly others, including:

• Salary Information
• Class Registration
• Health Benefits
• Grades
• and more!

Make all of your passwords, but especially your NetID password, as long and complex as feasible. Your passwords should be easy for you to remember, and difficult for other people to guess.

Keep Your Password Secure

1. Never tell your password to anyone!
2. Never write down your password.
3. Keep your NetID password different from any other passwords, so your Florida Polytechnic information will still be protected even if your other passwords are compromised.
4. Change your password regularly.
5. Make your password hard to guess - do not use the name of your pet (or your kid).
6. Avoid using words found in a dictionary.
7. The more random your password, the better.
8. Take responsibility for your NetID.
9. Always change your password immediately if you suspect that it might be compromised.
10. ...and never tell your password to anyone!


Safeguard your password: All passwords are to be treated as confidential University information.
Take responsibility: You are responsible for the security of your passwords, and accountable for any misuse if they are guessed, disclosed, or compromised.
Technology Services will never ask for your password: If someone demands a password, refer the person to this document or have the person call someone in the University Information Security Office.
Make your NetID password unique: Do not use your University NetID password for any other services offered at Florida Polytechnic or elsewhere (i.e. personal Internet service provider accounts, social media accounts, free online e-mail accounts, instant messaging accounts, other online services, etc.). Your University NetID password should be unique from every other password that you use. This will limit your exposure if any of your passwords are compromised.
Avoid using the "Remember Password" feature readily available in software applications: These features, typically used to access secure applications (i.e. email, calendar, financial systems) and Web browsers (i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.), do not adequately protect passwords. It may be possible for a computer virus or unauthorized user to gain access to this stored information.
Report compromises immediately: If you suspect your account or password has been compromised, report the incident to the University Information Security Office and change the password immediately.