General NetID FAQ

Below are some of the more common questions regarding Florida Polytechnic’s NetID system. For further help with these questions, and others that may not be covered in this FAQ, please call the Helpdesk at (863) 874-8888 or email us at

The NetID is your personal identifier at Florida Polytechnic and serves as your login to many university computing and networking services. Students, faculty, and staff automatically are assigned a unique alphanumeric identifier auto-generated from the user’s name.

The activation email is an automatic message sent to the faculty, staff and students personal email address used to activate new NetIDs in our Identity Management System.

Students will receive their NetID information on a welcome message sent to their personal email registered with the University after completing the application process. New faculty and staff members will receive a NetID activation message to the personal email used during employment application after the hiring process is complete.

For some systems, you can use your NetID immediately after activating it, but other systems may require that you wait for overnight processes to provide access. If you’ve just received your NetID and cannot log into a particular system, please wait and try again after 24 hours before reporting a problem. If you continue to have problems, please open a ticket with the helpdesk by emailing

You may change your NetID only for the following reasons:
• You legally change your name.
• Auto Generated NetID proves to be offensive

Please note that NetID changes will only be completed at the end of each academic term.

Yes, faculty, staff and students are required to change their passwords every 180 days.

You can perform a Poly and NetID lookup by visiting the NetID Self-Service Portal and clicking on the Poly & NetID Lookup button.

If you have lost, forgotten or your password has expired, you need to reset it by clicking on the Password Reset button at the NetID Self-Service Portal .

• Minimum 8 characters • Passwords are case sensitive • Passwords must contain characters from three categories: English upper case characters (A through Z), English lower case characters (a through z), base 10 numerical characters (0 through 9), non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %) • Cannot re-use last five passwords • Cannot use NetID, first or last names as password

Password changes can be made by clicking on the Password Change button through the NetID Self-Service Portal.

There are a few things to check when you get an error on password reset. First make sure both password fields match. Second, make sure that you are following the guidelines for passwords, as detailed in the NetID Self-Service Portalpage. If you are still encountering an error, contact the heldpesk.

New students, faculty and staff members will activate their NetID account by clicking on the link provided on their Welcome or activation email. You will need to confirm several pieces of information before your NetID is fully activated.

Faculty, staff and students are ultimately responsible for the security of their NetID and email. Your personal email address is used to send NetID activation and/or passwords change notification messages. This ensures that support personnel or Technology services need not know your passwords thus enhancing the security of your account. Technology Services does not know and have no means to access or discover, and will not ask for a user's password.

Faculty, staff and students are allowed to change their passwords after five days. This requirement is in place in order to prevent users from changing their password multiple times in order to retain their old one. If you need further assistance, please contact the helpdesk at (863) 874-8888 or by emailing